The ultimate compliment

Last week, I heard Bob Ley refer to Roger Federer as the “Jack Bauer of Tennis.”

How cool would it be to be the Jack Bauer of something!?!  There can be no higher level.

I hereby open nominations for the Jack Bauer Awards. Leave a comment by nominating something, someone, etc. as the Jack Bauer of its industry. Do it. Now. (“We’re running out of time” – Jack’s favorite line)

What could you be theJack Bauer of? Jack Bauer


5 responses to “The ultimate compliment

  1. i am the jack Bauer of search engine optimization.

  2. I nominate Brett for the Jack Bauer of blogging.

  3. CWD – I’ll take it. I think you’re the Jack Bauer of procreating.

    Smerck – You will get that title if I can Google “Jack Bauer of Search Optimization” any time between now and next Tuesday, and you show up in the organic search on the first page. In fact, if it happens, I’ll dedicate a post to it. Just think of all that publicity from my “millions” of readers . . . . You up for the challenge?

  4. It’s on…til the break of dawn.

    put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner.

    The Jack Bauer of Search Engine Optimization.

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