Which websites get the most of our time

This is pretty fascinating, especially the little stat that 39% of all minutes spent online in December ’06 were spent on these 20 websites.

So, thanks to Compete for compiling this great data, the top 20 sites where we spend the most time.

Which one is your favorite?


5 responses to “Which websites get the most of our time

  1. Favorite of the top 20? I’d say wikipedia or amazon. It’s a crying shame Brett’s Blog didn’t make the list.

    But I’ll challenge – the other 61% of the web is far more interesting (except for Wikipedia, which is downright amazing).

  2. Google (Yes, big time, if you count “Froogle” it’s a big chunk of my searching), Amazon (also yes, but only after something like froogle doesn’t quite find it), YouTube (just for fun), and Wikipedia (to make me look smarter than I am – which is not hard to do). Abebooks.com is a big one for me, helps me find those hard-to-find books I’m always needing, and I also frequent biblegateway.com to copy-and-paste text. I can’t believe ebay didn’t make it though, that’s crazy… Or 1Lord.org 😉

  3. Sadly, I probably spend the most time on Yahoo, just cuz that’s where my email is. I also found it interesting that Bank of America made the list – the only bank on there, which makes quite a statement.

    John, I was also a bit shocked eBay isn’t on there. Especially when you see that Craig’s list is.

    Dennis, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about the other 61%. The power of these top 20 websites is their ability to connect us to the rest of the web.

    I’m guessing the Onjejank.com, 1Lord.org and Brett’s Blog all just missed the top 20, coming in at about 0.1% of time spent. Maybe next year.

  4. FYI….Ebay was #4 on the list.

  5. Thanks, FEW. We’re idiots.

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