Thomas Jones fueling up for the Super Bowl

For all the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys fans, here’s a good link about Thomas Jones and Julius Jones and what protein shakes and supplements they use to get fueled up for the season. Strong and Steady. Pretty amazing that two brothers rush for over 1,000 yards each in the same season . . . .I’m not a Bears fan at all, but their defense is impressive, and what Thomas did 2 Sundays ago on just 19 carries is crazy. Good luck in the Super Bowl.

Any Super Bowl predictions out there? I’ve got Colts 24, Bears 17.


5 responses to “Thomas Jones fueling up for the Super Bowl

  1. Indianapolis 10, Ditka 84. Da Colts aren’t on da advoCare steriods like Da Bears.

  2. Actually, Colts linebacker Rocky Boiman uses AdvoCare (which, for the record, aren’t steroids). I think Ditka at 84 might be pushing it just a little. We need the FRIDGE!

  3. Da Bears or Hurricane Katrina? Da Bears.

  4. Da Bears or Weapons of Mass Destruction?

    Da Bears.

    For the record, another issue I have with the Bears winning this weekend is Rex Grossman. He’s just not worthy (yet) of a Super Bowl. We don’t need another Trent Dilfer hoisting the trophy.

  5. WHO shoulda had dinner DA BEARS or the my little ponies!?

    DA BEARS!!!!

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