Holy Crap!

If your new product, new service, new book, new blog post, new whatever can’t make someone respond with “Holy Crap!,” then don’t expect big things out of it.

Does that mean you shouldn’t launch it at all? Lots of times it does. But not  always.

If it doesn’t ellicit a Holy Crap moment from your audience, just know that ahead of time and be content with the fact that your product is serving a purpose other than making you or your company noticeably better. These types of ideas have their place, but over time, if there’s never an idea that brings out a “Holy Crap!”  from your fans, then they will have no other choice but to start ignoring you.

Update: Here, Seth Godin has a great point from his Jan. 30 post about someone who’s not getting “Holy Crap” out of their audience. The best quote? “People don’t get laid off for messing up the planets. They lose their jobs because of boring marketing.”

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