Weekend Reading, Jan. 26 – Jan. 28

Don’t know if you’re like me, but one of the joys of a weekend is all the reading you can squeeze in. Nothing better than a Sunday morning in a big chair with a copy of the Morning News and either Meet the Press or the Sports Reporters on the tube.

With that being the case, my goal is to have a somewhat weekly post that links out to the stuff I read on the weekend that’s worth another read. If possible, wait until you can be in your own big chair for the full effect.

  • Men Aren’t Women – as always, we men are clueless.
  • How to Be Creative – a good friend’s redirect to a great presentation from the creator of GapingVoid.com. I’ve only read the first of 26 ways described, but I’m pretty sure this will be a good one to read in bite-sized pieces. 
  • Have a Nice Day – Andy Rooney’s weekly column is just a pleasant read about simple pleasures. A great quote from it: “I feel sorry for all the people in the world who work all day without being able to lie down to take a nap. I’d rather have a nap than a raise.”
  • No Longer Hip – Jay Dyckman’s observation of his 35th birthday and how it now excludes him from the default target 18-34 demographic. 

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