Cart before the horse?

The old Jerry Jones is back, it appears.

I was going to rant about how ridiculous it is to hire an offensive coordinator before a head coach, how it basically castrates your incoming head coach from the get-go, and how it signals that Jerry his Dallas Cowboys over again. But, I’m definitely not alone in my thoughts as I listen to talk radio today, and I know I couldn’t say it any better than Jean-Jacques Taylor said it in today’s column Coach search turns up flawed thinking. So I won’t.

However, I will go on the record as saying this really ups Norv Turner’s chances of being the head coach. He’s likely to be the least irritated by the move, since he and Garrett have worked together before. (Although Wade Phillips did say “It’s cool” when asked about it).


2 responses to “Cart before the horse?

  1. The Dolphins hired their Def coordinator before hiring Cam Cameron as HC. It happens. It’s not a big’s not like he hired Switzer to be the OC or something. He got a coach that was in demand…he couldn’t wait because the Dolphins put a timetable on him leaving, so what do you do?

    Parcell’s says he’s in the talent acquisition business and that’s what Jones did he acquired talent.

    Come on, tell me you wouldn’t be happy if Jason Garrett got hired as the Chiefs OC

  2. Yeah, I’d be happy, but would Herm? Especially if Jason got hired before Herm. I don’t think the Head Coach can be accountable for everything that happens unless he gets his choice of who will be on his coaching staff.

    With that being said, it will probably all work out once Norv Turner is hired. He loves Garrett, and I bet that was Jerry’s plan all along.

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