Expired Tuna

So, the Tuna is leaving Dallas. Bye bye Bill Parcells. No big deal. He was a round (very round) peg in a square hole. An old-timer trying to make sense of a new era of football. I think it’s probably a good thing, but it wouldn’t have been horrible if he had stayed, either.

Here are the questions I have:

  • Will they stay in the 3-4? I think yes. Let’s just hope they blitz for a change.
  • Do they need an offensive- or defensive-minded coach? I would lean offensive, but then again, won’t Romo’s development and success come more from the offensive coordinator than the head coach?
  • What are the chances Big Bill is back in the NFL or college coaching within 2 years? I say 70% we’ll see him again.
  • Who’s the next guy gonna be? With Oakland hiring their diaper dandy, and Pittsburgh, Arizona and others hiring virtual no-names (or at least new names), I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian Schottenheimer got a call. He’s young, got some pedigree and performed a miracle with a Jets offense that was worse than horrible on paper. Either him or Dick Vermeil – we need some more emotion in this town.
  • What are the chances Bill never tips the scale at less than 300 during retirment? I’d say an almost guarantee.

By the way, here’s one of the most resourceful Cowboys sites on the web, Dallas Cowboys News.


One response to “Expired Tuna

  1. That Dallas Cowboys site is awesome!

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