One of the best quotes . . .

. . . I’ve ever read. And he was a college roommate. Go figure.

Here’s the quote:
“Bottom line, invest in tums as we prove once again that while individuals might be smart, people are dumb and democracy is the absolute worst form of government with the single exception of every other kind. ”

And here’s the source. Thanks, Harris.


2 responses to “One of the best quotes . . .

  1. What a great pick-up on Brett’s part. As it turns out, the best way to sell a product is (go figure) have a better product. Now, what I think is “better” isn’t always better (don’t make me say beta or MAC), but it’s true. Though they do have ads everywhere, why do we all buy iPods (yes, I hear you out there, “I didn’t buy an iPod” well, poop on you, I’m talking about the MILLIONS of people who are smarter than you). Have you messed with the other MP3 players out there? Unless you sit at home and use your DOS computer for fun, you probably have to take a long time to learn how to use it, where as with the iPod you just plug it in and off you go. Some might say the ZUNE is “better” but the ultimate decision on what makes something better is (not even me) “THE MARKET.” As an ode to one of the wisest sages to ever walk upon this earthen soil (Milton Friedman), the marketplace is always right. How crazy is this, I’m now blogging on Slam’s blog, and I have my own for that… P.S. bdunc’s blog is definitely going up as a link on my blog, what about your blog? And yes, I went with all three names, that’s just how I roll.

  2. Mr. Mac strikes again. And, thanks for rolling with all three of my names.

    Perception is reality, and these days the early adopters (the ones who got an iPod long before the rest of us) really have the influence. So, if you’ve got a product worth sharing, how much influence does it have over them?

    This link says it much better than I do:

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