AdvoCare and the Super Bowl

As I’m watching the Saints-Bears game wind down, I can’t help but be proud of my company.

Thomas Jones just scored his second touchdown and rushed for over 120 yards in the  game of his career. He endorses AdvoCare products for his nutritional supplements, and he’s now Super Bowl bound.

On the other side of things, Drew Brees, Ernie Conwell and John Carney also use AdvoCare. And what they’ve done this year is nothing short of miraculous. You should see the products they use.

So, don’t deny my shameless plug. Check out the site, cuz you can buy the same stuff these guys use. And if you’ve got a question about them, let me know. I’ll try to answer it, or I’ll just ask the doctor that helped formulate it.


One response to “AdvoCare and the Super Bowl

  1. Hey Brett!

    Came across your blog tonight. Thought I would say Hi and God Bless! Thanks for continually warming the market!


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